Top 11 Must-Have Home Office Tech

Do you have everything you need to succeed working from home? Whether you work remotely or on a hybrid schedule, everyone needs the right technology and equipment to support their job and responsibilities. To make the most of your computer setup and productivity, we compiled some of the most important technology and software you need to have in your home office. 

Physical Tech

Physical technology is any hardware you use to complete your work or projects. This includes your computer, keyboard, mouse, camera, printer, etc. Having reliable and high-quality physical tech is essential for completing all your work tasks from home. 

Laptop or Desktop

At the very least, your home office should have a laptop or desktop. This is where you will do most of your work and communication, so you need a high-performing computer. If you work from home, consider purchasing a desktop for faster connectivity. A laptop is a good option for those who work on a hybrid schedule.  

Learning how to use a new computer for work can be an intimidating and time-intensive process, especially when you’re very busy. Instead of searching online for guides, let us help you! Tindall Tech offers in-person and remote computer support sessions to help you make the most of your computer setup. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Second Monitor

Are you stuck switching between multiple apps, tabs, and windows to get work done? If so, investing in a computer monitor is a great idea. Monitors are cheaper than purchasing an additional computer for the same purpose. As a result, your productivity increases because you won’t waste time reorganizing windows. 

Keyboard and Mouse

Desktops are not built-in with the convenience of a keyboard and touchpad like a laptop. Keyboards can range from $10 to thousands, but you don’t need to buy the most expensive one to get the job done. As you search for a keyboard, consider the format (standard vs. ergonomic), Bluetooth connection, price, and how it feels to type on the board. 

Many people assume that all computer mice work the same, but this isn’t true. You will use your mouse every time you work, so invest in one that will stay in good shape. Be sure to research the type of mouse that will work best for your purposes and needs. 

Quality Microphone and Camera

With more virtual meetings, you need a quality microphone and camera. People’s expectations of video and audio are high, so you need to deliver on that to ensure everyone in your meeting understands you clearly. Many laptops have a built-in microphone and camera, but most desktops do not. Even if your laptop has these built-in features, it isn’t always the best quality. Purchasing an excellent microphone and camera is a worthwhile investment. 

If you work from home on a desktop, a web camera and microphone are essential for communicating and meeting with your coworkers. Without these tools, you might not be able to participate in video calls. Purchasing this technology is a must for those creating video and audio content. 

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Printers might seem a little old school, but every home office should still have one! You never know when you’ll need to print something. Printers are a big deal for those working with physical documents. You’re probably doing a lot of scanning and uploading, so having a high-quality printer is crucial for completing your tasks. 

Make the Most of Your Physical Technology

If you’re missing any of the above technology or you use old, unreliable hardware for your work, now is a good time to invest (or replace) your tech. If something breaks or malfunctions, you might lose important documents or files. To get the best performance from your equipment, start exploring new options for your home office. 

Buying new technology for your home office shouldn’t be a hassle. If you work on a hybrid schedule or recently transitioned to remote work, you could risk breaking your expensive equipment during transportation. 

We want to help you avoid damage to your expensive technology, which is why we offer an office relocation and setup service. Not only will we move your tech to your designated location and set it up, but we can advise you on other technology or equipment that would improve your home office setup. To schedule an appointment or learn more about this offer, contact us today!

Online Tech

Online technology is any software or cyber tool you use to complete your work. Software is just as vital as the physical technology you have in your home office. Your company will usually cover most of the costs for online technology. Consult your organization for the specific platforms and software you need. 

Virus Protection

Did you know that over 1 billion malware programs exist? Those who work with sensitive information know just how terrifying this is. Virus protection (or antivirus) software is a program that prevents users from downloading malicious software. Virus protection will block or notify users about suspicious web pages and files, check the computer security to detect potential malware, and remove threats to your software. 

Virus protection is vital for protecting your work files and personal information. Some viruses are minor annoyances, while others can easily make your computer unrecoverable. When purchasing a new computer, downloading antivirus software should be your priority. 

Preferred Browser

You’re likely familiar with internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. While these are good for everyday use, your company may require a specific or private browser. If your company does not have a preferred browser, it’s up to you to use whichever one you like best. 

Not all internet browsers are made equal. Browsers differ in speed, privacy, and how much system memory they use to operate. For example, internet browsers with more privacy limit or eliminate third-party tracking and cookies. Other browsers will come with better threat protection against malware.

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App Suite

An app suite is a set of software programs your company will use for foundational tasks like sending emails, writing documents, hosting video conferences, or storing company materials. Companies tend to use popular app suites, like the paid Microsoft 365 or free Google Workspace

Most app suites have applications you can download to your computer for easy access. Instead of accessing these apps via browser, pin the applications to your computer taskbar and work inside the app. Most app suites are designed to be used in their app format for better connectivity and workflow. 

Any Programs Needed for Your Job

Your company may require additional programs alongside your workflow suite. Companies often use task management platforms, like Asana or Trello, for monitoring project progression. Communication apps like Slack and GroupMe are common for interacting with supervisors and coworkers. Similar to the app suite, it’s easier to use the app instead of a browser window.

Having all the tools and technology you need in your home office is essential for successfully working from home. With all these requirements, it can be hard to know if you have everything you need to get the job done. Simplify your home office, and let us take care of it! We offer computer setup services, remote computer support, and solutions for all your tech questions. Check everything off your computer setup checklist, and contact us today to book an appointment!

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