Pros and Cons of Apple Products

Do you prefer Apple or Android phones? What about Macbooks or PCs? People have strong opinions about each, and we’ve seen some pretty heated debates about which is better! Today, we’re talking about all things Apple products. 

Since its founding in 1976, Apple has become the world’s most valuable company by market cap. It’s a leading force in personal technology with the iPhone, Macbook, iPad, and Apple Watch dominating the market. It’s no wonder that more than 1.5 billion people are iPhone users worldwide. 

But are Apple products right for you? By the end of this article, you’ll know for sure.


Apple is a great product for many people. Let’s start by discussing the pros of Apple products.

Upgrade Options

With new iPhone and Apple watch versions hitting the market annually, you can be sure you’ll have the latest and greatest personal technology available to you. Apple is constantly improving its designs, products, quality, and features to fit your lifestyle. These are some recent upgrades from Apple:

  • iPhone home screen customization. 
  • Higher quality cameras. 
  • Macbook security updates to better protect your data. 
  • New Apple Watch apps such as Medications, AFib History, Apple Fitness+, and Compass. 


iCloud is a service launched by Apple to store photos, files, notes, emails, and more in the cloud. Apple users are given 5GB of free storage on iCloud, but you can also upgrade to receive more storage.

You can choose what gets automatically synced to the cloud from your devices. We recommend storing all important data on the cloud because it’s a secure network that you can access if you lose or break your device. All your data is shared across Apple devices, so you can access photos taken on your iPhone on your Macbook with ease. All you need is your Apple ID.

Apple TV

Apple is truly a universal product. Apple TV is a streaming service with premium content. Although it isn’t limited to streaming on Apple devices, it sure makes it easier. New Apple hardware may include free trials of Apple TV, which is an added bonus to purchasing Apple products.

Pros and Cons of Apple Products


Of course, there are cons with every personal technology device, including Apple. Here are some of the biggest cons of Apple products we could identify.


Apple products are fairly pricey. Because of the price, we recommend upgrading only when necessary. We’ve collected a few average costs for new products for you below:

  • iPhone: $799
  • Macbook: $1299
  • Apple Watch: $399
  • iPad: $449

Keep in mind that these estimates are for brand-new products. You could get older models for a reduced price. They may be harder to find in Apple or phone carrier stores, though.

Battery Life

Most iPhone batteries last about two years. Whether it’s due to purposeful design by Apple (we won’t get into that) or excessive use, batteries may need to be replaced reasonably often. Luckily, batteries only cost about $30 when purchased through Apple. Backup your phone, then make an appointment at an Apple store for a battery replacement. It should take about an hour, and then you’re on your way with a like-new iPhone.

Macbook batteries last about five years before you start to see slowness. However, you might not need to replace the battery yet. Try these steps to cure computer slowness first. If they don’t work, you may need Apple repair services

The Deciding Factor

The decision to go with Apple products comes down to preference. We recommend households all be with the same carrier; it makes things much easier. If a phone breaks, you can take it to Apple stores for repair, and the same goes for the family desktop computer. You can all share an iCloud account to access photos and files. You can help each other if something goes wrong or pass down a device when someone upgrades. Everything related to personal technology is much smoother when everyone in the house has devices from the same carrier. 

That said, even if you’re making this decision for yourself only, Apple is best used in conjunction with its other devices. We don’t recommend having an iPhone and a PC, for example. It makes sharing data that much more complicated. If you choose to be an Apple user, it’s best to fully commit.

Apple is a company that will always have a presence in society. If you’re currently a Windows or Android user looking to switch to Apple, we hope this article helped your decision. Decide what matters most to you and stick with it.

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