Internet Explorer – Microsoft says its Final Goodbye

Microsoft officially retired Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022. Internet Explorer has been bundled with Microsoft Windows for more than 25 years, dating back to 1995. There was a time when “the internet” was considered Internet Explorer. Now, security patches and support for the application has ceased indefinitely. Microsoft will begin a phased approach to remove IE from Windows 10 devices. If you have Windows 11, you have nothing to worry as the software was not included.

What does this mean for you?

Well, Microsoft Edge has the capability to enable IE mode. This is Microsoft’s way of implementing the workaround for the foreseeable future. This capability is crucial for Windows patrons.

Microsoft Edge will take the place of IE as “the official browser” of Microsoft. There are some differences with the browsers, but this decision was the right one for Microsoft. The pros for Edge definitely outweigh its cons. 

The Pros of Microsoft Edge:

The browser allows for smart copying which you can copy information from a webpage and paste it into a document while keeping its rich web format meaning the need to reformat after pasting no longer exists! 

Edge is extremely customizable unlike its predecessor. You can choose the appearance and theme of your choice, as well as, change to vertical tab display.

MS Edge has better privacy options and security measures.

There are so many more benefits of Edge that aren’t mentioned such as Math Solver, where you can solve basic equations to advanced trigonometry. Or the Performance button where you can switch your browser to run more energy efficient in case your battery is running low.

The Cons of Microsoft Edge:

As stated before, it will be imperative for Microsoft to address compatibility issues, some sites just aren’t compatible with Edge. It may not be a great deal of websites, but there are businesses that rely on Internet Explorer.

Edge isn’t compatible with older operating systems.

Microsoft Edge does not have a ton of plugins and extensions available for use compared to other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.


All in all, Internet Explorer was a legend in its own right, but it was time for the application to retire. The possible capabilities of Edge are far more superior than what was possible in Internet Explorer. Microsoft made the right decision, technology is advancing every day and its important for Microsoft to stay in the game!

Need help making the transition from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge?

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