What to Look for When Picking a New Laptop

Selecting a new laptop is no easy task. Besides price, there are a lot of different models and features to consider. What you truly need in a laptop depends on personal preference and what you’re using it for. We understand picking a new laptop can be overwhelming, so here are the six most important things to look for when buying a new laptop. 


Vendors are computer system manufacturers. Think of them as the make and model of your laptop. Some of the most popular vendors you’re probably familiar with include Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, and HP. 

Some vendors are known for the features their laptops have. For example, compared to other laptops, Apple laptops usually have better battery life. Microsoft laptops are notable for their performance. 

You may want to consider device connectivity in your laptop purchase decision. Apple laptops connect easily with your iPhone or iPad with Bluetooth. If data syncing is important to you, think about picking a laptop from the same vendor that made your other devices. 

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Laptop storage is where data, like files and photos, are kept on your computer. Most laptop models have a capacity of 32 GB, 64 GB, or 256 GB. The more storage you need, the more expensive the laptop gets. If you use cloud-based storage for most of your files or don’t usually download most of your files, 32 GB will get the job done. If you’re often downloading documents, storing high-quality photos, or need space for multiple applications, consider purchasing a laptop with 64 GB of storage or more.

Size and Weight

Most laptops range from 11-18 inches wide, but the average laptop size usually falls between 13-15 inches. The size of your laptop impacts its total weight. The bigger the screen, the heavier your laptop will be. Larger screen sizes tend to have better display cards and resolutions, raising the price. Consider a lightweight laptop if you plan to use your device while traveling or if portability is important to you.

Screen resolution and quality will also depend on laptop size. Smaller screens won’t be as sharp because they have less resolution. Larger screen sizes usually have a higher-quality display. A smaller laptop might be better for work, reading, or typing. If you need a clear visual display for images or gaming, look into a larger laptop with a better resolution. 

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Battery Life

Battery life is arguably one of the most important factors when picking a laptop. The average battery life of a laptop ranges from 5 to 10 hours between full charges, depending on the vendor and model. 

What you’re doing on your laptop also matters. Typing, reading, or using the internet isn’t too demanding on your laptop’s battery so you can expect a longer battery life. The battery will deplete faster if using heavy workload applications often. Other factors, like the number of applications you have open, display brightness, and battery age will impact the length of the battery life between charges. If you’re running heavy workload programs on your laptop often, you’ll want to pick a device with a longer average battery life between charges. 

USB Ports

Different laptops will have different types of port connectivity. USB-A and USB-C ports are the most common ports you’ll find on a laptop. Before picking a laptop, check what USB ports your chargers and other devices have. You can purchase a USB port adapter later, but buying a laptop with the right USB ports is more convenient. Most laptops have one or two USB ports. If you need to plug in a lot of devices, you may need to find a device with more USB ports. 


Touchscreen options are some of the fanciest new features on the market. Touchscreen laptops are a good option for people who like using a phone or tablet instead of typing on a keyboard or using a mouse. However, touchscreen laptops tend to cost more and have shorter battery life. They are also more prone to scratching.

A lot of touchscreen laptops are convertible, meaning the screen can detach from the keyboard. The laptop functions as a tablet and laptop, which can be convenient if you like switching between the two. Touchscreens are a fun feature but ask yourself if you want or need a touchscreen laptop before seriously considering it. 

There are a lot of factors that go into picking a new laptop, so we always recommend doing your research about different models that suit your needs. Narrow down the must-have features for your laptop first, then look around the market to see what’s out there. Once you’ve decided on a device, compare pricing at different storefronts. If you need help selecting, buying, relocating, or setting up your new tech, stop by our store or visit us online to get started.

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