How to spot a phishing email

In the world of increased cybersecurity also comes increased cyber hacks. So much data is stored online, and it’s easier than ever for hackers to steal your information. Much simpler than breaking into a home nowadays! Scammers are smart, and they’ve learned techniques to increase the likelihood of you adhering to their request. Don’t worry […]

must-have home office tech

Do you have everything you need to succeed working from home? Whether you work remotely or on a hybrid schedule, everyone needs the right technology and equipment to support their job and responsibilities. To make the most of your computer setup and productivity, we compiled some of the most important technology and software you need […]

Just bought a new computer? Snagged the latest prime deal? Don’t delay following these steps to ensure your computer is properly setup! Need help setting up your new device?

Computer slowness is one of the most common issues that computer users face when interacting with their devices every day. Computer slowness may sound difficult to fix, but it is easier than you think! First off, it’s important to understand when exactly you are experiencing slowness. Are you experiencing slowness while your computer is booting […]

Microsoft officially retired Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022. Internet Explorer has been bundled with Microsoft Windows for more than 25 years, dating back to 1995. There was a time when “the internet” was considered Internet Explorer. Now, security patches and support for the application has ceased indefinitely. Microsoft will begin a phased approach to […]